Marketing: Affiliate Links

Short post, but I’m just nerding out about this. 1. If you are an author or blogger and you ever link to Amazon, you should have an affiliate account. (This goes for all retailers that offer an affiliate program — if you can get in, do it.) 2. Be aware that if you use affiliate […]

Indie-Visible is Live!

Indie-Visible 2.0 Soft Launch Hooray! We here at Indie-Visible are thrilled to be (soft) launching our site! So, who the heck are we anyway? Indie-Visible is an awesome collaboration backed by a super talented team of writers, bloggers, and freelancers in the publishing industry, who you can meet here and here Indie-Visible’s BookHub is an […]

Keeping up to date on industry news

Many authors I know feel like it’s too hard to keep up-to-date on what is going on in the industry. For a long time, I found this hard to understand. I never had to go looking for industry information, I let it come to me. It’s only in the past year that I realized that […]

Blackout Kindle Poetry

I kind of have a nerd obsession/crush on Austin Kleon, and had a hankering to do some blackout poetry after scrolling through the web reading his stuff most of today. The problem is, when you’re slow traveling and living minimalist, you don’t have a lot of printed material around to play with. I do, however, have […]

The Science Behind “Knowing” the Right Direction For Your Story

From Hugh Howey It’s spooky to admit that the conscious portion of our brain isn’t aware of what’s happening elsewhere in our noggins, but some really freaky experiments back this up. This is why, when the writing is going well, it feels more like reading or discovery than it does writing or creation. It feels as though the story could […]

Make No Excuses — Get the Most From Your Out of Excuses Retreat

This list is advice for the lucky folks attending The Out of Excuses Writing Retreat II: The Retreatening, and much of the advice is going to be specific for this retreat, though probably applicable to the Writing the Other Workshop and Retreat, lead by WX member Mary Robinette Kowal. Some of it you can use for […]

Emotional Warfare

I avoid negative emotion like the plague. It finds me on its own, often enough, so I rarely see the point in seeking it out or even acknowledging its presence. But there’s a problem with this. (Other than that of the psychological variety.) I love stories. I can handle a sad story only because I […]

Ninja-ing out of Depression

Cross post from tumblr — posted December 23, 2013 I have managed to be personally unproductive today. I was quite professionally productive (got two huge things done today), but I feel as if somehow my brain has switched into super mode where everything I accomplish that is not Costa Rica focused somehow isn’t real, like […]

My History of Depression

I’ve been absent here for a while, but I’m posting quite a bit over on my tumblr about our upcoming move and randomness. I don’t post much about things that are important to me, but I’m still figuring out. Things like feminism, spirituality, how to live a meaningful life. I generally sit in my pile […]